Reading for 2021

So much to read…. So little time.  Knowing what to read is a priority, and a necessity,  for every executive.   Answering that question is itself difficult.  So here’s a list of favorite books from some of my writers and business people.

Warrant Buffett:   When we think of a successful investor, Warren Buffett always comes to mind.  This short Inc articles lists the “9 Books Warren Buffet Wants You to Read to Help Make Your Smarter.”

Bill Gates:    I have generally found Mr. Gates recommendations to be sound.   Check out his picks for “5 Books to Enjoy this Winter.”

Daniel Pink:    An author of provocative books on important topics  (read to  “To Sell is Human” if you haven’t)    Here is a list of “36 Books Recommended by Daniel Pink.”

Business Insider:    Check out its list of The 31 most influential books ever written about business