If your business has promise, we'll help you fulfil it.

You bring the inspiration and entrepreneurial flair.
We'll add our own, together with the experience, investment,
and commercial understanding to help you succeed.

IDHH: we'll help your business deliver on its promise..

There's potential for your business to grow.
I can help.

I'm Hamish Hamilton.

I'm a chartered accountant who boosts balance sheets and increases value for organisations around the world.

What I do is the result of years of experience in industry and a distinctly hands on approach to helping businesses grow.

I've helped an entrepreneurial company grow its operating profits from £5.5m pa to £37.5m pa in eight years. Shareholder value increased by 6,400% in the same period.

I've helped a manufacturing company triple its output in 18 months.

I've helped a business revise its relocation plans, saving it over £10m and eliminating any business interruption.

There's potential for your business to grow.
I can help.

I established IDHH to bring 20 years' skill and experience in business consultancy to enterprises brimming with inspiration, motivation and entrepreneurial flair.

Our clients seek a foil, a strategic partner with the commercial insight to help them turn potential into results, and results into growth.

That's what I do. I can do the same for your business.


Hamish Hamilton, IDHH

Bring sound strategic thinking and commercial understanding to your business. Contact IDHH.

The experience to help your business thrive.

We believe consultancy is about more than advice. It's about getting involved. It's about doing, rather than talking about doing. It's about making a difference.

That is the power of IDHH consultancy. IDHH supports your vision with the practical skills to make ideas work.

With years of experience in consultancy and non-executive director roles, IDHH supports you with the key financial, strategic management and commercial skills that turn promise into a viable, long term success.

We can help your business thrive through:

  • Strategic planning
  • Leadership coaching
  • Interim management
  • Financial management and planning
  • Manufacturing flow
  • Supply chain management
  • Property
  • Marketing and design
  • Web strategy

When property is your route to growth,
IDHH helps you get there.

IDHH can help you find the property that's right for your business, or it can make the property you have work harder for you.

We don't use fixed formulae or prescribed policies to determine when and how we invest.

Instead, decisions are made based on the merits of your case and years of experience in property investment.

Make the right property decisions for your business. Contact IDHH.

How we make your property work:

  • Provide gap finance if you wish to purchase your own business property and require additional finance
  • Secure sale and leaseback opportunities allowing you to release working capital
  • Invest in office or convenience store premises dependant on location, anchor tenant and rental covenant
  • Release the investment potential in buy to let and individual residential portfolios

Great ideas? Exceptional products?
A passion to succeed? Talk to IDHH.

You are a small business with big aspirations.

You distinguish yourself by the quality of your ideas, the power of your product and by your business acumen and entrepreneurial flair.

You need investment.

You would value the hands-on, practical ability and experience to help your business succeed.

At IDHH, investment is only the first step in helping our partner companies grow. Work with us, and enjoy the benefit of tailored, practical support to help you meet the challenges of managing a successful company.

For more on what we can bring to your business see Consultancy.

Bring sound strategic thinking, commercial understanding and investment to your business.

Make your proposal. Contact IDHH.

  • Real, practical help & support for growing businesses.

    That's what IDHH can do for your business.

    That's what we did for these businesses.

  • Case Studies.
    Interim Management & Troubleshooting.

    When financial worries mount up it can be difficult to see a way out.

    That was the situation facing one very worried client who needed to find a significant sum of money in three days or risk having one of his businesses being put into receivership.

    IDHH stepped in and managed the case.

    We identified the immediate issues, opened communication with the advisors, creditors and banks and safeguarded the future of the business.

    A forensic examination of the accounts revealed the underlying problems and identified the losses.

    We then appointed and managed a legal team to recover those losses.

    IDHH pulled together all the affairs of the business and coordinated its orderly sale.

    By the end of the process we'd given the owner peace of mind and a financially robust exit strategy.

  • Case Studies.
    Strategic Advice.

    When someone makes an offer for your business it's a defining moment.

    Sell or stay?

    That was the dilemma facing two retailers who contacted IDHH for advice.

    They said they had already made their decision. They were planning to reject the offer as they were not ready to retire.

    IDHH challenged their thinking. The market was volatile. Shifting trends meant their preferred exit strategies might not be open to them when they reached their 'ideal' retirement date.

    They agreed with our rationale.

    Sometimes you have to sell when the market wants to buy; not when you want to sell.

    They sold. They retired. And they've not once regretted their decision.

  • Case Studies.

    When the silent partner in a business was asked to invest further funds he wanted to know why.

    He asked IDHH to investigate.

    Our experience in forensic accountancy uncovered a deliberate overstatement of profit, and hidden losses.

    IDHH helped the business put together a revised business plan showing how it could make a profit and repay its hidden debts from future cash flows.

    By adhering to the plan the business put itself on the road to recovery.

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